• Healing: A Process, Not An Event
    There are a lot of ideas about how to put theories of healing into practice. Personally, I tend toward the emotional: What does it feel like? How does one get Read more
  • The Ophelia Complex
     In short, the Ophelia Complex could be defined as feeling like nothing. A person suffering from this complex has no sense of self, importance, or soul. They feel that they Read more
  • Modern Day Ophelia
      The modern-day Ophelia I’m writing about does not resemble Shakespeare’s Ophelia biographically. She was not raised by an intrusive and overbearing single father. She was not socially isolated in a Read more
  • Real People Eat Quiche: Build a cathedral of deliciousness, stone by stone
    By Gabrielle Hamilton  NY Times Magazine 11.25.18    Gabrielle Hamilton is one of my favorite food writers. Or, maybe I should say one of my favorite short essayists. I don’t always love her Read more
  • KALI: The Black Goddess of Dakshineswar
    By Elizabeth U. Harding  Nicholas-Hays, Inc. 1993    This is a book about the Hindu Goddess Kali. In the preface to her work Harding explains, “Kali, the divine Mother, has been largely misunderstood Read more
  • The Ravaged Bridegroom: Masculinity in Women
    By Marion Woodman  Inner City Books, 1990  This book is about the different powers of the feminine and the masculine, and the unconscious suppression of both. It is not about the stereotypes Read more
  • Discovering Analysis
    The dream was to go to school in Zurich. At the time I wanted to be a Jungian analyst and combining that with my lifelong desire to live in Europe, Read more
  • The Ever Given
    The Ever Given, what a name for strong emotional defenses; ever giving what was given in the past, forever feeding old wounds. It’s also the name of a 220,000-ton cargo Read more